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When you live by the sword, you die by the sword. So when Anderson Silva, a man who has made a career out of trying to embarrass his opponents in the ring, got knocked out while showboating, it was a fitting end to his seven year reign of terror inside the UFC.

Saturday night in Las Vegas, Chris Weidman defeated a man who was riding a 16 fight winning streak inside the Octagon. Many have said that Silva is the greatest to have ever competed in the sport. And it was easy to make that case. However, the longtime middlweight champion lost for the first time inside the organization that made him a legend, in the process dropping the belt he has held for so long.

The fight started with a quick takedown for Weidman, who was unable to do much from the top. From there, Silva seemed to regain control, reverting to his typical style of showboating. Rather than take advantage of situations, Anderson Silva seems more content in showing his opponent that he is so good, he doesnít need to go for the kill. Instead, much like a cat does with a mouse, he decided to play. And it worked for the rest of the round.

The second round was more of the same, with Anderson becoming more comfortable, convinced he was once again dealing with an opponent who had nothing to offer him. Much like he had done with fighters like Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Demian Maia and Rich Franklin before, Silva got cocky. He dropped his hands, squared up with Chris Weidman, and stuck his chin straight up, daring his opponent to hit him.

So he did. And the first few blows did nothing but embolden Silva who kept showing up his opponent, showing him little respect. But a left hook caught the champion, and this time there was no faking it. Silva hit the canvas, his head bouncing off of it. Weidman pounced, delivering several more blows to the face of Silva who went out, forcing Herb Dean to make the save.

Just like that, there was a new champion, and Anderson Silva, a fighter who has made a career out of trying to humiliate people was no doubt humiliated by what had just happened. No longer a champion, he has largely himself to blame for not respecting Chris Weidman or the sport.

The win streak had to end sometime, and tonight was that night. In a perfectly fitting end to an historic championship reign, Anderson Silva finally got a taste of his own medicine. However, it is a little unfortunate that showboating led to the demise of such a great fighter. Rather than being bested by a newcomer who was just better, or perhaps father time finally catching up with him, Anderson Silva was beaten by his own ego.